The “Proverbs 32” Husband

After a crazy-difficult last couple months, including death and loss and grief and difficulty and learning together how to parent kids who have experienced trauma, I have realized so very much about my spouse.

So much that my little gushing-with-love writerheart had to memorialize it in some sort of verse. I thought to myself, What if there was a proverb dedicated to all the exemplary dudes that help make the world go round?

Now, I know that there isn’t a thirty-second chapter of the book of Proverbs—and I am in no way suggesting we add to Scripture (duh!)—but in case this world ever needed a proverb to say thanks to the amazing, kick-butt men in our lives who are rockstars at loving others, here it is.

Nick, thanks for marrying me. You’re the bomb-diggity.


The “Proverbs 32” Husband (In the Style of Proverbs 31)

A husband of noble character, who can find?

He’s worth more than six-figure salaries, fine clothes, and luxurious houses.

His wife has full trust in him,
and she lacks nothing of value and lacks no security.

He brings good to her through his loving leadership
and faithful affection all the days of his life.

He works hard for his household, often taking extra work, and
his coworkers call him loyal and steadfast and trustworthy.

He gets up early in the morning to help start his family’s day off right. At the
start of the day, he seeks the Lord.

He is slow to anger and self-controlled; he is gentle in his speech and thoughtful
with his words.

He knows power and popularity can disappear in an instant—he seeks wisdom instead.

He is brave and inclusive and empathetic. He’s not afraid of dirty diapers, emotions, period talk, or hanging out with women or children. He works hard to reject the sexual objectification of people. He educates others to do the same.

He is strong, but he knows men are more than strength. He is compassionate toward the needs of others. He meets children cheerfully and gives them his time the same way he would an important businessperson or public figure.

He looks for his wife’s talents and encourages her in them. He embraces God’s calling on her life as she does for him, and he empowers her in her femininity and God-given design.

When he comes home from a long day at work, he stays engaged. He joyfully helps maintain his own home. He eagerly devotes himself to helping children with homework.

He is well-respected in his community for advocating for the voiceless and pursuing justice. He extends a helping hand and a listening ear to those in need.

He stands up for what is right, even if it could make him look foolish or cause an argument. He puts the lives and needs of others before his own.

He seeks the Lord faithfully and diligently in all things. His wife smiles every time she thinks of him. The children in his home feel safe with him. His friends, team, and clients sing praises of his character and kindness.

He’s a blessed man that the Lord delights in.

Physical strength, popularity, and influence are worldly and fleeting, and money is worthless at the end of our days, but a man who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Let his work bring glory to the Lord’s good name.


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  1. Amanda, I so enjoyed your Proverbs 32! You are blessed with such insight and wisdom and you articulate all of it so well. I love you and Nick and the wonderful life you two have made together is a great influence on others. Leelee xxxooo

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