First of all, thanks for visiting. There are a million trillion blogs out there, not to mention our lives are already swamped with all sorts of media, so I appreciate the effort it takes to check out yet another participant of the vast world wide web.

The main purpose in creating this blog was to add more content to the internet (I didn’t think there was enough already).

Just kidding!

Truthfully, my goal in creating this tiny arena for self-publishing was to have a place to further connect with a community of writers and readers. If you like reading creative nonfiction, personal essays about faith, and nature-related writing, then this place may just be to your liking. Although, fair warning, I don’t post too frequently. Turns out, I am super super super picky about personal writings I share on the interwebs. Not only that, when your an editor and writer for other people’s projects, it is difficult to carve out time to write for yourself.

Also, if you think this blog is a little dorky, good. I have accomplished creating one that accurately reflects my personality.


About Me:

I am a twenty-something who has been radically changed by the love of Christ. I love to learn, read, think, talk, write, draw/doodle, etc. I pretty much just enjoy communicating with others through various outlets – doodling is probably one of my favorites. I tend to doodle aliens, cats, and farm animals (especially chickens).

I live in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, with my sweet husband and a family of very loyal friends.

1291329_10100160670352462_6179207356525453_o      1614214_10100160670492182_7075962380280385967_o


Current hobbies/projects of mine:

-Gardening. Planting beautiful things is my jam.
-I am currently working on a story (I don’t like to say book, but it’s a very looooong story so far) about three young women and a unique bond that they share despite obvious differences in their personalities.
-Lovin’ on my dog Beasley.
-I write children’s poetry.
-My husband and I currently co-lead worship at our church and enjoy writing worship songs together.
-Hiking. Nashville offers so many trails close to the city, it’s difficult to find a reason NOT to go hiking!
-Eating and cooking almost anything (although I do especially love to make creative salads and soups from whatever I can find in my refrigerator or have been given from my neighbor’s veggie garden). In the past, I was a contributing writer and the primary copyeditor for Edible Nashville Magazine, which is a totally TOTALLY awesome gig when you love food.

-Working. Cool thing is, when you love what you do work often feels like a hobby. 🙂

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Amanda

    I am a long time friend of your husband’s grandparents, Don and Sondra Osborne. I read your piece on marriage and enjoyed it I just signed up to follow your blog and promise to read the pieces you write.

    Denzel Henderson

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